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Regeneration and sale of activated carbon

We provide services in the area of activated carbon filtration, including the sale of activated carbon and the treatment of activated carbon that has been saturated with undesirable substances. We provide activated carbon regeneration (reactivation) and replacement of activated carbon in filters, both at our and at the customer’s facilities. We can exchange your saturated activated carbon for an equivalent amount of regenerated activated carbon. Finally, we sell new activated carbon and provide consulting on appropriate air and water filtration options. We are holders of the 150202 hazardous waste permit, the hazardous waste category that includes saturated activated carbon.



  • Sale of activated carbon and filters
  • Consulting
  • Activated carbon regeneration
  • Replacement of activated carbon at the customer’s site
  • Replacement of activated carbon in HVAC filters
  • Professional disposal of saturated activated carbon


We export to the whole of Europe.

Sale of carbon materials across the whole of Europe.

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