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Pitch coke

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Pitch coke is the by-product of coke manufacturing (carbonisation). The production of coke yields large amounts of coke oven gases that are treated and used as the input for the manufacturing of a wide range of products. This is also how tars – mixtures of many thousands of hydrocarbons containing free carbon – are made. What is left after the distillation of hard coal tar is used to produce tar pitch, the input material for pitch coke (also known as electrode coke).

Pitch coke is used as a recarburiser and as an input in the production of electrodes

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Resorbent - Calcinat A1

Parameters Value [%]
Carbon Cfix Min.  99,00 Ø  95,50
Ash Ad Max.   0,50 Ø    0,30
Volatile substances Vdaf Max.   0,50 Ø    0,30
Sulphur Sd Max.   0,30 Ø    0,20
Water Wtr Max.   0,20 Ø    0,10
Grain size 1-3 ; 3-8 [mm]
Packaging: Bags: 20; 25 kg ; Big Bag: 1t; loose delivery



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