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Graphitised petroleum coke is produced by graphitising quality petroleum coke at high temperatures (of over 2,300 °C). This type of petroleum coke has a high carbon content, low sulphur content and fewer impurities and it absorbs easily.

Application: Graphitised petroleum coke is widely used in special casting processes as a recarburiser, in particular in manufacturing high-quality ductile and grey cast iron products with precisely controlled sulphur content, as well as in other applications.

We buy back spent graphite electrodes and graphite (anode) blocks.




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Resorbent – DEG 01

Parameters Value [%]
Carbon Cfix Min.  96,00 Ø  99,50
Ash Ad Max.   1,00 Ø    0,93
Volatile substances Vdaf Max.   1,20 Ø    0,40
Sulphur Sd Max.   0,10 Ø    0,07
Nitrogen Nd Max.   0,02 Ø    0,012
Water Wtr Max.   1,00 Ø    0,30
Grain size 1-4; 3-12  [mm]
Packaging: Bags: 20; 25 kg ; Big Bag: 1t

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