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Beauty is hidden under the surface.

Carbon is our life.


Production and sale of carbon materials in many different forms. Carbon has been our lifeline since 1999.

ESORBENT, s.r.o., founded in 1999, is based in Ostrava, the centre of the coal mining industry in the Czech Republic. We produce and sell a broad range of carbon materials, from anthracite through coal, petroleum coke, calcined anthracite and pitch coke to a wide portfolio of activated carbons. Our products are delivered to our customers through a full production and sales service, including sorting and packaging based on customer requirements at our warehouses in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We also offer activated carbon regeneration (reactivation), especially in water and air treatment applications.

RESORBENT, s.r.o. exports to countries across Europe.


Production and sale of carbon materials. Regeneration and sale of activated carbon for gas and liquid filtration. Consulting in the area of carbon materials and their application.


Efficient air and water filtration. Adsorption of undesirable substances on the surface of activated carbon. Regeneration of saturated activated carbon. Replacement of activated carbon in filters.


Materials with high carbon content. Metallurgy applications for carburisation of steel and ductile and grey cast irons. Modification of cast iron properties in production processes.


Filtration of liquids to remove mechanical impurities. Greatly enhanced filtration efficacy and improved flushing, leading to a longer use life. Use in treatment of drinking water.


  • Application in metallurgy and in modification of cast iron and steel properties in production processes. Application in ductile and grey cast iron processing.
  • Highly pure material with as much as 99% carbon content.
  • Application in rough carburisation in a furnace as well as fine carburisation outside a furnace.
  • Recarburisers ensure high carbon utilization within a short dissolving period.
  • We offer, among others, the following products: DESULCO, calcined anthracite, pitch coke, graphite and calcined petroleum coke.

We export to the whole of Europe.

Sale of carbon materials across the whole of Europe.

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