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Anthracite is a type of coal characterized by high carbon content (90-96%), low volatile substance content and a high calorific value. Anthracite is a hard, compact mineral of black to steel grey colour with an almost metallic lustre. This type of coal contains the most carbon and the smallest amount of impurities and has the highest calorific value.

Anthracite is considered the cleanest of coals for burning, producing more heat and less smoke than other types of coal. It burns with a short blue smokeless flame. Used chiefly for electricity generation and steel production, anthracite is also used by foundries and has further applications in metallurgy, for instance as the input for the calcination process and thereby for recarburiser production.

We sell anthracite from deposits in Ukraine and Russia.


We export to the whole of Europe.

Sale of carbon materials across the whole of Europe.

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