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Recarburisers and coke


Coke is a solid carbon material produced by carbonising an input raw material, most frequently hard coking coal. Coke’s characteristics are a high calorific value and a higher cleanliness. Used as fuel or reducing agent in metallurgy applications, coke is produced by heating the input raw material in the absence of air to a temperature of over 1000 °C. This process removes undesirable volatile substances, yielding a material of higher quality.


Recarburisers are materials with a high content of high-purity carbon used for carburising cast iron and steel. They are an inseparable component of steel and cast iron production in modern metallurgy. Recarburisers are used for rough carburisation in blast furnaces (where they form a part of the charge) and for fine carburisation outside a blast furnace. The optimum type of recarburiser depends on the type of metal to be produced, which will define the required parameters, such as carbon, ash, sulphur, nitrogen and volatile substance content. Our broad range of products includes recarburisers that will meet your requirements.


“Carburisation” refers to the process of dissolving the carbon contained in the recarburiser in a metal bath, where the carbon content of the metal is increased to a desired value. Carburisation is conducted by including the recarburiser in the blast furnace charge or by gradually adding it to a molten metal bath. Two key parameters monitored during this process are the speed of dissolution and the absorption of the carbon contained in the recarburiser. The speed of dissolution depends on the temperature of the metal bath and on the ash content in the material used.

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